Laser Tattoo Removal- With Candela PicoWay

_PICO Brochure

We are very proud to have invested in the worlds safest and most effective Pico Laser, the Candela PicoWay.  

Pico Lasers use exceptionally short wavelengths to shatter rather than heating tattoo pigment, in order to break down pigmentation and allow the body natural immune process to remove.  This results in safer treatments with less risk of burns and less pain, as well as more effective treatments and removal in reduced number of sessions.  The multiple wavelengths allows us to lighten even very difficult colours such as blues, greens and purples.


  1. How many sessions to remove a tattoo? This depends on the colours, who did the tattoo (professional or amateur) , how old the tattoo is, your natural skin type and your general health.  Some tattoos can never be removed to bare skin, but may be removed sufficiently to cover or to a satisfactory fade.
  2. How expensive is tattoo removal?  As a guide small tattoos are from $150, Medium from $250 and large tattoos are from $350.
  3. Is there anything I can do to assist with effective tattoo removal? Yes! Not smoking, heathy diet and exercise, avoiding sun exposure and following aftercare instructions (keeping area clean and dry, not picking or scratching the area and using post treatment gel) all assist with your bodies natural healing and the laser performing the process of removal.