Cosmetic and Paramedical Tattoo

Performed by talented Skin Therapist Jo, who is certified in cosmetic and paramedical tattoo, we are pleased to offer tattoo for: brows including microblading; eyeliner, lips and lip liner, scar camouflage and nipple 3D reconstruction.  In conjunction with Dr McCann who is able to assist with expert scar assessment and pain relief including high strength numbing cream and local anaesthetic blocks if required, Whitsunday Cosmetic Skin Clinic offers the most comfortable and professional result and experience.



  • Shadow Brow   $449
  • Feather Brow   $549
  • Combination Shadow & Feather Brow   $799


  • Lashline Enhancement:
    • Upper Lid   $299
    • Lower Lid   $199
    • Combination Upper & Lower Lid   $450
  • Eyeliner Regular:
    • Upper Lid   $399
    • Lower Lid   $299
    • Combination Upper & Lower Lid   $650
  • Eyeliner Thick:
    • Upper Lid   $599
    • Lower Lid   $399
    • Combination Upper & Lower Lid   $850


  • Liner   $499
  • Full Lip Colour   $650

Perfection Touch up (four weeks post initial appointment)   $149*

*Touch up appointment pricing only for clients who have seen Jo for initial tattoo, and within the appropriate timeframe of 4 weeks.

Beauty Spots from   $110

Scar Camouflage $POA from $250

Vitiligo Concealment $POA from $99

Correction of tattoo done by other artist – POA.

We reserve the right to refuse treatment in unsuitable clients.

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.